Sorry about the lack of updates this week — all my creative energy has been going to a most unusual place — my job. I know, it surprised me as well. I’ve been doing graphics and such for a presentation at work, and it’s been occupying most of my days, to the point where when I get home I just want to flop in front of the TV and forget about it.

Now, this being TV Turnoff Week, instead I’ve simply been going to sleep. 🙂

I did try to formulate an idea for a strip, but the best I could come up with was something about how Rush Limbaugh has made a point of declaring that the Virginia Tech gunman was probably a liberal, but really, what can you say about something like that? It would have been a cheap shot, and not worthy of anyone, even me.

At any rate, Monkey Law will be back on Friday, with better material than that described above.

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