Don't say it

Don’t say it

OK, not at all pleased with my Gonzales here… I always draw him looking like a 10-year-old boy. Grrr.

Also, I have a very inconsistent Bush. Which, as any woman will tell you, is something that needs to be dealt with.



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    “Sure. If you call the George W. Bush presidency a dasestir, what word is left to describe the objectively much worse Barack Obama presidency?”Are you kidding? I have smart friends (or at least friends with grad degrees) who may never vote Republican again in their lives thanks to GWB. He uniquely damaged this country (and his party) in a way Obama never could. If it weren’t for GWB, Obama would not even have been elected.Thanks to 9/11, George W. Bush had every chance to change the direction of this country. 9/11 was the perfect excuse to secure our borders and reform our immigration laws, but Bush distracted us with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then had the nerve to try to foist amnesty on us. Oh, and then he wrecked the economy, costing us $2-5-10 trillion – who the hell knows how much?Remove illegal aliens and their anchor babies and modestly reduce legal immigration, which Bush could easily have done, and our Hispanic population would be 10-15 million smaller than it is today.As it is, I was blown away today by an article in my local paper showing the number of minorities in every school district in the state. Even in Utah, a state where whites are famously fecund, the Hispanic tidal wave is taking over.The war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the economic meltdown (still proceeding apace), the obliteration of the historical American population, and, ultimately, the continuation of all that via the election of Barack Obama – all thanks to George W. Bush.The man was not simply an idiot, or a bad president – he was pure evil.

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    Aristobulusdas war das Interessante an dem Vortrag, daß alle aber auch alle möglichen Vorstellungen davon, warum die Armen arm sind und wie dem abzuhelfen sei, durchdekliniert wurden. Shaw spielte in dem Vortrag, so weit ich mich erinnere, gar keine Rolle und seine “Erkenntnis” war vermutlich nur ein Schlußpunkt.

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