Monkey Law, has sadly, gone the way of all flesh. Thanks to all who stuck by me for six sketchy, random years, and to all those who came aboard on the way. I will have a new project debuting shortly -- watch this space for details. In the meantime, here's a classic Monkey Law strip, chosen completely at random!
Cum Guzzling Butt Sluts, pt. 2

Cum Guzzling Butt Sluts, pt. 2

I haven’t entered any commentary for this strip.


Holy crap, is that the time?

Wow. I got caught up in adding a storyline feature to stripShow, and lost all track of time. I guess there won’t be a strip for Wednesday. Sorry.

This feature is coming along nicely, however, and I fully expect to once again have storyline functions working on this site again by the weekend. And stripShow users will benefit as well. This means nothing to those of you who don’t do webcomics, of course, but take my word for it, it will be bad-ass.

Strip by noon

Today’s strip will be up by noon (CDT) owing to the fact that I haven’t drawn it yet.

One good punch

This Onion article hit a little close to home.

SACRAMENTO, CA—Claiming that it is “something every man deserves to do once,” local resident Carl Hilland, 32, told reporters Monday that, before he dies, he would like to throw a good, clean punch to somebody’s face.

God help me, so do I. I really do.

Has anyone ever wondered how hard they could hit a guy if they had to? I do, nearly every day. I will probably never get to find out.

Where Cheney lurks

This video is from a couple of days ago… it’s been making the rounds on the web. Even without the music that someone added at the end (Conan O’Brien added Carmina Burana which was funnier), it’s still a hilarious shot. Bush gives a press conference, and there’s Cheney, just… standing there, several feet away, all by himself, just lurking. Creepy as hell.

Another late strip

As has become usual for Fridays, the strip for March 30 will be posted sometime before noon… since Thursday is my Friday at the moment, I’m given toward relaxing when I get home (read: drinking) and don’t have much inclination to break out the Bristol board. But Friday mornings are fountains of creativity, so I will do the strip when I come to… er… wake up. Thanks for your indulgence.

To entertain you until then, here’s a particularly funny YouTube video: