Special Strips

Here is where I will put any strips that don't fit in the normal Monkey Law milieu. This may include guest strips, "pre-official" strips, or just miscellaneous crap.
First Monkey Law Strip
This was the very first Monkey Law strip I ever scanned and put online. It's kind of painful to look at, isn't it? Betraying a lack of competence with either pen or scanner, it is a crude beast. It used to occupy a position on the "main" timeline, so if you hit the "First" button it took you to this strip. Then when I couldn't stand it anymore, I moved it here.
Achimovich guest strip
This was a guest strip by Srdjan Achimovich of McDuffies, done for the 2002 April Fool's Day swap on Keenspace.
Batog guest strip
This guest strip was contributed by Drew Batog of Hello World!